Membership at Hills of Peace

Anyone who wishes may belong to our church congregation without becoming an official member. Whether you are with us for a first visit, as a long-time attendee, or somewhere in between; whether you want to keep coming or are just stopping by to check-us-out; whether you are comfortable or still unsure — you have a belonging place with Hills of Peace.

Everyone who comes to our church is welcome to attend and fully participate in worship, partake in Sunday Holy Communion, join committees, volunteer, assist in worship, attend Bible and book studies, and fully join in the life of the congregation.  This is all part of belonging to our community of faith.

In addition to belonging to our community of faith, membership in our church means that a person is able

  • to vote in the Annual General Meeting of the church, and
  • to serve on our church council.

Ways to Become a Member

Beyond belonging, if you would like to seek membership in our church, there are two routes to membership:

  • Baptism at any age: if you have not been previously baptized, we welcome you to be baptized during a worship service after a conversation with our pastor
  • Through the Affirmation of Baptism

Affirmation of Baptism

In our congregation, you can participate in a series of 5–7 classes around themes of Christian history, Lutheran traditions, worship, sacraments, and theology. Known as “Adult Catechumenate” classes,  these sessions introduce adults to ELCIC Lutheranism and explore What We Believe as Lutheran Christians.

Anyone is welcome to take part in this series of classes.  At the end of the series, all those who wish to do so are invited to join the congregation with the Affirmation of Baptism rite (also reviewed in the classes) during Sunday worship time.

Still Have Questions?

Our pastor is always available to talk about membership and joining our congregation.