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October 16, 2014


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Sherie Guild

Douglas and I volunteered with the count this year. Our first assignment was to count at the breakfast service at St. Vincent de Paul.Our task was to identify the truly homeless. There were many people who didn't have a home; the young man who, when he turned 19 was "aged out", meaning the foster care stopped and he was left without a home and on the street, the men waiting in the homeless shelter for a permanent opportunity elsewhere, and then there's the truly homeless. The gentleman who sleeps under the steps at St. Vincent de Paul, or the couple who make a shopping cart their home in the alley.I asked one gentleman what he needed. He responded, that he needed us. He needed us to see them and to care. What he needed that day was a human being to hug him and tell him that GOD does see him.
After Douglas went to school, I continued, and was assigned to the riverbank and ditches on the Westsyde. I was joined by an ASK street worker and a former homeless woman who made the riverbank her home. We spent the rest of the morning searching for the lost in places no one thinks to go, yet the very desperate call their home.
This Christmas when you're looking to give, please remember ASK in your donations. This is the front line that the people I met use to survive. Please help them. We all give our old used clothes, but they need so much more than that. A case of lice treatment, boxes of band-aids, Deodorant, Garbage Bags, Wet Wipes, Toilet Paper, Adult Diapers, the list is endless given what we saw.
I started the day a volunteer from Hills of Peace, but I went back to my comfortable home in Aberdeen a changed person. We all know there's people in our community that are in need, but this is a whole different story of need. I'll never look at Kamloops the same, and once you know, you have to help. You can too. Help the front line people do their work. If your not comfortable physically touching or communicating with the homeless. Call ASK 250-376-7558 and ask Ken Salter what you can give. If all you can give are your prayers, then please pray.

Sherie Guild

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