Weddings and Funerals


In our ELCIC Lutheran Church, we are honoured to share in celebration of the love between partners. Pastor Jane Gingrich is pleased to welcome couples of all expressions for weddings.

It is common for marriages of partners to be at locations away from our church building. Any couple seeking marriage is always welcome to be married in our church.

Simply contact our pastor directly to arrange a meeting and begin planning your special day: / 250-299-6983


In baptism, God promises to be with us throughout our whole lives.  God’s promises in baptism also extend beyond life as we know it into life everlasting.
In the Lutheran tradition, after a loved one has died, we gather to grieve, sharing stories about our relative or friend. Then, through God’s Word, prayers, and blessing, we commend the loved one to God’s care.
Funeral services typically take place in the church, with a brief set of prayers beside the burial place after the funeral or Celebration of Life.  Planned with those who are closest to the loved one, funerals or celebrations of life can include, music, singing, poem(s), eulogy(ies), Bible readings, reflection on readings/ homily, prayers, and blessings.
Our Pastor is always available for questions, or to help with the planning of services and burials: 250-299-6983